Vine Balance Consulting is committed to bringing you premium vineyard services by incorporating current scientific knowledge with farming practicality. Our aim is to keep you up-to-date on trends and issues in the grape and wine industry, while supporting your day-to-day vineyard decisions with passion and enthusiasm.

Success in viticulture begins with addressing the important relationship between vegetative growth and fruit yield, also known as vine balance. This classical viticulture concept illustrates an ideal cropping level for a given vineyard, which is a reflection of both site factors and farming practices.

A balanced vine has attributes you can observe in the field: shoots that stop growing naturally by veraison, the appropriate leaf area to ripen its crop load fully, and plenty of dappled light in the fruit zone to promote berry flavor, color, and phenolic development.

At Vine Balance Consulting we extend this concept of vine balance beyond the classic definition. We believe that each vineyard site is unique, and proper management decisions are essential to harvesting grapes that reflect this distinctiveness. Important choices must be made to balance your productivity goals with quality considerations, your vine health and soil health, your populations of pests and beneficial insects, your farming philosophy and pesticide use decisions, your irrigation goals and soil properties, and your rootstock and variety choices with new vineyard layout decisions. All of these factors must be in sync to ensure your vineyard remains healthy and productive for years to come.

Vine Balance Consulting offers advice and information on these, and many more, viticulture topics with a unique blend of education and practicality.